DRG at AACC: Primary Strengths

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We sat down with the top executives and staff of DRG at the 2016 AACC Annual Meeting and asked them each about what DRG’s strengths are and how they add value to customers and business partners.


Wilhelm Saenger (full profile)
Our flexibility, flexibility and creating from an idea a new product and bringing it to the market. When we started at DRG, we were only a trading company. 26 years ago, we started our own production in September 1990. We developed a lot of ELISAS. Of course, 8 years ago we started this development of our hybrid, DRG Hybrid XL.
In the meantime, we adapted more than 25 assays onto the hybrid. This could be the future of DRG because this is an instrument here where we are running some niche parameters like Calprotectin, as I’ve heard from our general manager from Poland. He is very satisfied. This could be really a very interesting product. This is really the strength of DRG to bring ideas to a new product. We are well known in the whole world, and we are selling to a lot of companies. We have a lot of good customers included and that is our strength with DRG.

Michael Martini (full profile)
Leadership really is what sets us apart. It’s a solely owned company with the six subsidiaries, but really, the strength of DRG is our distribution. We distribute to about 110 different countries throughout the world, and that’s something that you really credit to Dr. G’s years worth of groundwork, and footwork, and going to meeting like this year after year, building relationships, alliances, and really building a distribution network that’s second to none.

Dr. Witold Jurkiewicz (full profile)
You know, we are working very multi-nationally. We have offices in Germany, in Russia, in Poland, in Czech Republic, in China, and also here, headquartering New Jersey. We are a multi-product company. We are selling our developed kits. Also, we are distribution company. We are working from the many, many years with distribution of medical devices, medical instruments, mostly for cardiology, cardiac surgery. Everything together make us strong partner and strong company all over the world.

Simon Middleton
DRG is a multi-cultural company. We have Russians, we have Ukrainians, we have Italians, half-Italians. This is important. Culture, and history, and a diversity means more ideas, more innovation. This is very important and this is what pushes the products. For me, it’s important.

Dr. Oleg Vishnevski
The team, of course. The group of people who make it happen. The knowledge. We employ really prominent guys who’s developing their agents, who’s developing the kids, who is involved in the hardware, and of course, in the sales.

Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov (full profile)
The primary strength of DRG, of course, the people of DRG. The fact that we’re an international company is very easily observable when you look at our office. The other thing is that as a result of this, we have built up a very strong international presence. There are actually only 196 countries in the world announced, and we sell in 120 of them. We have the reach, the international reach, and we have the scientific background. We have the staff, multi-lingual, and we have penetration of markets worldwide. That’s at least some of the things that we do that are great.

Gregory C. Guest

Gregory C. Guest

Gregory C. Guest is the International Marketing Manager located at DRG International’s worldwide headquarters in Springfield, NJ.
Gregory C. Guest

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