DRG Attends ASM 2018 in Atlanta!

Sep 17, 2018Events0 comments

*Image:  From L to R: Dr. Alain Rambach, CHROMagar, Ms Christine Civitano, DRG; Mr. Simon Mrad, CHROMagar, Mr. Daniel Williamson, DRG; Mr. Alberto Lerner, CHROMagar.

DRG International, Inc., the authorized distributor for CHROMagar, attended the 2018 ASM Microbe General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Atlanta, GA from June 7 – June 11, 2018.

DRG is excited to start new projects with various universities here in the United States. DRG offers a wide array of CHROMagar products for sale. Please click here to learn more.

If you are interested in CHROMagar or need further information please contact Ms. Christine Civitano at [email protected].

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