DRG has launched 2 NEW ELISA Kits: Free T3 ELISA and Free T4 ELISA

Oct 22, 2018News, Products0 comments

DRG is proud to announce 2 NEW ELISA kits: Free T3 ELISA and Free T4 ELISA, EIA-3801 / EIA-3775!

The NEW ELISAs are robust, high quality, and have good correlation to Roche assays.

Please see the most important features listed below:

  • Reagents ready to use
  • Robust reagent stability
  • Straight forward assay procedure
  • Good correlation to ROCHE Cobas
  • Assay validation according to CLSI guidelines
  • EU: CE / IVD  


Assay Catalog Number Incubation Time Sample Volume/Type Assay Range
Free T3 ELISA EIA-3801 60 / 30 min 50 µL Serum 0.54 – 20 pg/mL
Free T4 ELISA EIA-3775 60 / 30 min 50 µL Serum, Plasma 0.27 – 8 ng/dL


  • Method Comparison:  NEW DRG Free T3 ELISA – versus – ROCHE Cobas
  • Method Comparison:  NEW DRG Free T4 ELISA – versus – ROCHE Cobas


For more information or to buy DRG ELISA kits please go to our Ecommerce store HERE.

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