Salivary Hepcidin ELISA: NEW and UNIQUE assay launched by DRG!

Mar 4, 2019News, Products0 comments

DRG is proud to announce the launch of a NEW and UNIQUE assay kit of DRG’s Iron Panel: Salivary Hepcidin RUO (SLV-6082R).

The hormone hepcidin plays an important role in regulating iron metabolism. It is a major regulator of dietary iron absorption and iron distribution in the body. In serum, the bioactive peptide Hepcidin-25 has shown to be a useful biomarker.

Besides its presence in serum, Hepcidin-25 was additionally confirmed to be present in human saliva. Determination of Hepcidin-25 in saliva has the advantage of a non-invasive and stress-free sample collection without the need of medical personnel.

Specifications of the new assay kit Salivary Hepcidin RUO, SLV-6082R:

  • Principle of the Assay: ELISA based on the principle of competitive binding
  • Assay Range: 68.4 – 8,000 pg/mL
  • Reagents: Ready to use, except Calibrators, Controls and Wash Buffer
  • Sample Volume: 100 µL Saliva
  • Incubation Time: 60/30/15 min at room temperature (no shaker needed)

For more information or to buy DRG ELISA kits, please go to our ecommerce store HERE.

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