ElizaMat X-2 (fully-automated 2-plate immunoassay analyzer)


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Fully Automated – Load and walk away
¥ Slide-out sample and reagent racks allow for ease of access
¥ High Capacity – 2 plates, 192 samples
¥ No reagent transfer required
¥ Robust Software – Test designer, custom reports, LIS compatible
¥ Up to 8 results from one test
¥ Open Architecture – Program any EIA or CLIA protocol
¥ Multiple Result Calculations
¥ Adaptable – Run different tests from multiple manufacturers in one batch
¥ Infectious Disease, Autoimmune, Endocrinology, Oncology and many more
¥ High Precision Micro SyringeÐ Aspirate 1 µl with less than 3% CV
¥ Minute volume minimizes carryover
¥ Single Probe, Dual Needle
¥ Minimal consumable costs – no disposable tips
¥ Orbital Shaker – No-spill design, up to 900 RPM
¥ Superior to back-and-forth (Hertz) shakers
¥ Built-In Reader – Ultra-compact and fully-automated LED reader
¥ On-Board EIA and/or CLIA readers read results accurately and efficiently
¥ Intelligent Racks – Reduce errors with Positive Patient Identification
¥ Quickly/Accurately scan patient samples with the Integrated Barcode Scanner
¥ On-Board Camera – In-process probe monitoring for maximum uptime
¥ Remote troubleshooting
¥ Convection Incubator – Eliminate ÒEdge EffectÓ by evenly heating each well
¥ Improved flexibility in temperature modulation