DRG International Featured as Spotlight Company Of 2012 AACC

Mar 17, 2012News

Mountainside, NJ (August, 2012) — DRG International was proud to be a participant at the 2012 American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) – the Largest Clinical Lab Exposition in the World – held on July 17-19 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in LA, CA USA.

The AACC conference gives clinical chemistry industry leaders an opportunity to interact with their peers and learn about the newest technologies and procedures in their field.

DRG International has exhibited at the AACC since 1989 and over the past 23 years they have been received with great fanfare. This year was no exception as once again DRG was recognized by the widely diverse international audience. DRG’s presence was truly felt as they had representatives from several of their international subsidiaries including Latin America, China, Germany, Russia and Poland on hand at this year’s show.

“DRG International was honored to be an important part of the 2012 AACC and we look forward to continued opportunities to provide valuable technology for the medical diagnostics and clinical chemistry field,” said Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov, DRG International President and CEO.

DRG International highlighted their most exciting and cutting edge product to-date, (The DRG Hybrid:XL) A fully automated random access analyzer for immunoassays and clinical chemistry (CE marked and scheduled for release in FALL 2012), to a widely receptive audience at AACC 2012. DRG’s business and product design partner BIT has stated, “It is the Evolution of the Revolution!!”

DRG International was also proud to showcase these products to the clinical chemistry community gathered at AACC:

· NEW ELISA’S: 25-OH Vitamin D, Aldosterone, Active RENIN (Hypertension), Amyloid beta 1-40(serum), anti-Amyloid-Beta Ab (Alzheimer’s disease), Hepcidin-25 bio-active (Iron Metabolism), PLGF (Preeclampsia)

· Tumor Markers: TM-CA15.3, TM-CA125, TM-CA19.9, TM-CA72.4, TM-CYFRA21.1, Afamin, CYR 61, Crypto-1, L1-CAM, free PSA, total PSA, CTGF, NOV

· Saliva ELISA’s: Estrone (NEW), Cortisol, DHEA, DHEA-S, Estradiol, 17a OH Progesterone, Estriol, Progesterone, IgA, Testosterone

“DRG International is a global innovator of high-quality medical diagnostics and equipment and provides the medical and research community with effective tools to build a healthier future,” said Mr. Michael Martini, the companies Director of Sales and Marketing.

DRG International’s presence at this year’s AACC showed why they continue to be a leader in the medical diagnostic community. The valuable feedback and input from DRG International’s clients, distributors and guests will be an integral aspect of DRG’s growth and bright future.


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