Hepcidin 25 (Bioactive) HS: 96 Well MPTL ELISA Kit

Hepcidin Pat. Numbers:

US 7,320,894 B2
US 7,411,048 B2
US 7,649,081 B2
US 7,749,713 B2
US 7,998,691 B2
US 8,003,338 B2
US 8,017,737 B2
US 8,263,352 B2
US 8,304,197 B2
US 8,304,258 B2
EP 2,109,624 (DE, FR, GB, CH, IE)
EP 1,578,254 (DE, CH, GB, IE)
Canada 2,506,668
Japan 4638350
Russia 2 359 268 C2
China ZL 200380108964.8
Hong Kong 1114419

Hepcidin is a recently discovered hormone that controls the absorption and distribution of iron in the body. Iron is essential for all organisms and the body must maintain a balance or serious health issues can occur. Unbalanced iron levels can lead to many common medical conditions including anemia and hemochromatosis, and it can cause chronic kidney disease, inflammation or diabetes mellitus.

Excessive iron absorption, associated with low levels of Hepcidin, can lead to severe morbidity and mortality. Conversely, iron anemia due to low levels of iron in the blood affects roughly 1 billion people worldwide.

DRG is very proud and equally pleased to introduce the DRG Hepcidin 25 ELISA, which will help revolutionize future research of anemias and iron overload diseases.

DRG’s Hepcidin 25 bioactive ELISA is a breakthrough product that is at the forefront of a new wave of research into iron metabolism disorders.

Excellent correlation to Mass Spectrometry

New Standard Concentrations

Correlation Coefficient    r= 0.9678, n= 57

  • Incubate 20 µl sample/Standard/controls + 50 µl Enzyme Conjugate (Hepcidin-25-Biotin) for 1hr
  • Wash 4×400 µl
  • Incubate 100 µl Enzyme Complex (Streptavidin-HRP) for 30 min
  • Wash 4×400 µl
  • Incubate 100 µl TMB substrate for 20 min
  • Add 100 µl stop solution (0.5% sulfuric acid).
  • Measure OD at 450 nm (630 nm reference wavelength) within 10 min

Sensitivity: Limit of Detection: 0.153 ng/ml; LoQ: 1.149 ng/mL

Measuring Range: 0.153 ng/ml – 81 ng/ml

Serum 1 Serum 2 Serum 3
Concentration (ng/ml) 20.8 27.3 59.2
Average Recovery (%) 99.6 94.4 98.0
Min Recovery (from) 88.2 88.4 87.4
Max Recovery (to) 111.8 105.8 108.7
Serum 1 Serum 2 Serum 3
Concentration (ng/ml) 14.7 27.3 59.0
Average Recovery (%) 103.1 92.1 98.4
Min Recovery (from) 92.5 87.9 86.8
Max Recovery (to) 114.6 95.2 105.8

Better analytical sensitivity


Serum or plasma samples can be evaluated


Ready to use reagents and good linearity of dilution

Incubation steps at room temperature


No shaking necessary and no assay buffer required


Total incubation time less than 2 hours

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DRG’s Hepcidin 25 bioactive ELISA is a breakthrough product that is at the forefront of a new wave of diagnostic tests that will…

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