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Age-related testosterone declines can be detected in men’s fingernails.Matas D1, Koren L2Testosterone8-1-20172017-08-01 16:04:30
Effects of different fat sources (saturated and unsaturated) on reproductive performance and biological indices of ewes during flushing period.Asgari Safdar AH1, Sadeghi AA2, Chamani M1.Progesterone7-7-20172017-07-07 17:16:30
Targeting progesterone metabolism in breast cancer with l-proline derived new 14-azasteroids.Singh J1, Singh R2, Gupta P2, Rai S1, Ganesher A2, Badrinarayan P3, Sastry GN3, Konwar R4, Panda G5.Progesterone6-19-20172017-06-19 17:16:30
The estradiol 17-β concentration in mice after treated with ethanolic leaf extract of Azadirachta indica (neem)Agung Janika Sitasiwi, Sri Isdadiyanto, and Siti Muflichatun MardiatiEstradiol5-28-20172017-05-28 17:16:33
Annual Change of Reproductive Hormones in Female Angora GoatsErkan Pehlivan, Hüseyin Polat, Gürsel DellalProgesterone5-20-20172017-05-20 17:16:27
Reliability of Potential Pain Biomarkers in the Saliva of Healthy Subjects: Inter-Individual Differences and Intersession Variability Eva M. Sobas,1,2,* Roberto Reinoso,1,3,5 Rubén Cuadrado-Asensio,1,4 Itziar Fernández,1,5 Miguel J. Maldonado,1,4 and José C. Pastor1,4,6Estradiol Saliva, Testosterone Saliva12-1-20162016-12-01 16:11:20
Potential detection of low-dose transdermal testosterone administration in blood, urine, and saliva.Schönfelder M1,2, Hofmann H3, Schulz T3, Engl T3, Kemper D3, Mayr B4, Rautenberg C5, Oberhoffer R3, Thieme D5.Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Salivary Testosterone11-9-20162016-11-09 16:04:10
An adverse immune-endocrine profile in patients with tuberculosis and type 2 diabetes.Fernández R1, Díaz A1, D'Attilio L1, Bongiovanni B1, Santucci N1, Bertola D2, Besedovsky H3, Del Rey A3, Bay ML1, Bottasso O4.Testosterone9-12-20162016-09-12 12:34:33
Molecular evidence of functional progesterone withdrawal in human myometriumLubna Nadeem,1 Oksana Shynlova,1,2 Elzbieta Matysiak-Zablocki,1 Sam Mesiano,3 Xuesen Dong,2,4,*, Stephen Lyea,1,2,5,*Progesterone5-25-20162016-05-25 17:16:11
A simple method for measuring long-term integrated testosterone levels in menDevorah Matas, Lee KorenTestosterone5-24-20162016-05-24 16:04:11
Levels of prolactin, progesterone, estradiol, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone in infertile women in Calabar, NigeriaI. K. Isong, Z. A. Okhormhe, I. Eze-Bassey, D. C. Okpokam, C. A. O. UsoroProgesterone, Prolactin, Estradiol, FSH, LH5-16-20162016-05-16 17:16:06
Female Japanese quail with high levels of estradiol demonstrate cocaine-induced conditioned place preferenceKarin E. Gill,a,* Anna R. Reynolds,b Mark A. Prendergast,b and Chana K. AkinsbEstradiol3-10-20162016-03-10 17:16:32
Implication of Testosterone in Human Puberty AttainmentOlufemi Ebenezer Akinluwade1,2, Alphonsus Ekpe Udoh1,2 and Kunle Joseph Akinluwade3,4,5Testosterone2-8-20162016-02-08 16:04:34
Relationship between asymptomatic infections with Anaplasma marginale, Babesia spp. and trypanosoma vivax in bulls and testosterone levelsMaria I Camejo, Mary Isabel aka Marisa Gonzatti, Pedro M Aso, Yenis PérezTestosterone1-1-20162016-01-01 16:04:30
Exogenous testosterone increases men’s perceptions of their own physical dominance.Welling LL, Moreau BJ, Bird BM, Hansen S, Carré JMTestosterone11-24-20152015-11-24 23:03:09
Trait Anxiety Moderates the Relationship Between Testosterone Responses to Competition and Aggressive BehaviorRachel E. Norman1, Benjamin J. P. Moreau1, Keith M. Welker2, Justin M. Carré1Testosterone9-1-20152015-09-01 16:04:15
The FSHB −211G>T variant attenuates serum FSH levels in the supraphysiological gonadotropin setting of Klinefelter syndromeAlexander S Busch,1,3 Frank Tüttelmann,2,3 Michael Zitzmann,1 Sabine Kliesch,1 and Jörg GromollTestosterone5-23-20152015-05-23 12:25:10
Superactive human leptin antagonist reverses leptin-induced excessive progesterone and testosterone secretion in porcine ovarian follicles by blocking leptin receptors.Gregoraszczuk EL1, Rak A.Leptin, Progesterone, Testosterone2-28-20152015-02-28 17:16:26
Effect of CIDR Application Duration (7-10-14 Days) on Circulating Estrogen and Progesterone during Breeding and Non- Breeding Season in She-CamelsFekry M. Hussein, Kamal K. Metwelly, Mona A. Mahmoud and Mohamed H. RagabProgesterone1-28-20152015-01-28 17:16:16
Biorhythms of contrinsular hormones in pregnant with type 1 diabetes receiving insulin with pump therapy and multiple injectionsTatsiana Mokhort1, Tatsiana Skryplionak2, Olga Pancratova2 & Vladislav Rimashevskiy3Progesterone1-27-20152015-01-27 17:16:26
Evaluation of offspring sex ratio, sex hormones and antioxidant enzymes following exposure to methyl tertiary butyl ether in adult male Sprague-Dawley ratsLeila Khalili,1 Soghra Gholami,1 and Maryam Ansari-Lari*,2Testosterone1-13-20152015-01-13 16:04:21
Serum Progesterone and Estradiol Levels and the Mast Cells Count in Skin Tags among healthy Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women: Correlation with Age of Pregnancy and Phases of the Menstrual CycleMohamed , Alaa A. | El-Rifaie , Abd El-Aziz | Gohary , Yasser | El-Nesr , Khalid A. | Abd-Eltawab , AhmedProgesterone, Estradiol1-1-20152015-01-01 17:15:57
Immune Changes and Dysphoric Moods across the PostpartumMaureen E. Groer, PhD,1 Cecilia Jevitt, PhD,2 and Ming Ji, PhD1Progesterone9-17-20142014-09-17 16:04:33
Individual Differences in Testosterone Predict Persistence in MenKeith M. Welker1, Justin M. Carré2Testosterone4-16-20142014-04-16 16:04:33
Differential miRNA expression between equine ovulatory and anovulatory follicles.Donadeu FX1, Schauer SN.Estradiol7-27-20132013-07-27 19:27:17

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