1930 – 2017

Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov founded DRG International, Inc. in 1970 and was CEO and President of DRG International, Inc. and DRG® Subsidiaries overseas. With an innovative vision for manufacturing and distributing critical medical and diagnostics products across the globe, Dr. Geacintov led the DRG Group of companies for 47 years.

Today, DRG International is active in more than 110 countries. The Company continues to expand its multinational presence by producing and distributing innovative specialty medical/diagnostic products and equipment.
DRG International continues Dr. Geacintov’s legacy by staying at the forefront of new and innovative products; ensuring clinical laboratories and medical institutions across the globe have access to the latest technologies, test kits, products and services. From this initiative, DRG International currently offers more than 1,000 products through its multinational network.

Prior to founding DRG, Dr. Geacintov’s early career included positions as: Vice President at the financial service company Octagon Industries; Manager of Corporate Planning at Celanese; Research Scientist at Mobil; and Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School, Newark College of Engineering. Additionally Dr. Geacintov served as Director of Avon Products’ Export Operations to more than 120 foreign markets.
With a rich understanding of government affairs and global economics, Dr. Geacintov was appointed as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce in Washington, DC in 1974, and as Director of the Bureau of East/West Trade.

Among his professional associations, Dr. Geacintov served on the Board of Directors of the Council for Trade & Economic Cooperation, Inc. (CTEC). He was a member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and the American Association of Clinical Chemistry. Dr. Geacintov was the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal, served as the president of the Russian Nobility Association, and was very active in various charities. Fluent in English, Russian, German and French, Dr Geacintov frequently lectured in the U.S. and abroad on international business topics.

Dr. Geacintov received his early education in France and Austria. He holds a B.S. Degree (1958) in Paper Science and Engineering and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (1962) from both the State University of New York (SUNY) and Syracuse University. Dr. Geacintov served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

We remember Dr. Cyril Geacintov very fondly as a great leader, entrepreneur, brilliant scientist, global citizen and highly accomplished person. A man with a great heart but most of all a loving husband and father.

He will be sorely missed.

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