CH 50 (CAE)


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Immunoenzymatic colorimetric method for quantitative determination of complement functionality in human serum.
CH50 ELISA kit is intended for laboratory use only.

The complex _-galactosidase/anti-_-galactosidase, is solubilized by serum through the deposition of C3b molecules. The formation of C3b quantity necessary for the solubilization is
mediated by alternative pathway, but it is accelerated from activity of C3-convertase by classic way. The quantity of complex _-galactosidase Anti _-galactosidase dissociated from the antibody, detectable by enzymatic activity in the supernatant at the end of reaction; is a measure of serum capacity to form C3b molecules. The o-nitrophenil-galactopiranoside (o-NPG) is used as substrate and the reagent product (o_nitrophenol) is read at 420nm (or 405 nm).