Chikunigunya IgG


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The Chikungunya IgG-ELISA is intended for the qualitative determination of IgG class antibodies to Chikungunya in human serum or plasma (citrate).

The qualitative immunoenzymatic determination of IgG-class antibodies to Chikungunya is based on the ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) technique.Microtiter strip wells are precoated with anti human IgG to bind corresponding antibodies of the specimen. After washing the wells to remove all unbound sample and control material Chikungunya antigen solution is added. After a further washing step biotinylated Chikungunya antibody is pipetted into the wells. After washing Streptavidin conjugate is added that binds to the captured Chikungunya-specific immuncomplex. This immune complex is visualized by adding Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) substrate which gives a blue reaction
product. The intensity of this product is proportional to the amount of Chikungunya-specific IgG antibodies in the patient specimen. Sulphuric acid is added to stop the reaction. This produces a yellow endpoint colour. Absorbance at 450 nm is read using an ELISA microwell plate reader.