UBC (Urinary Bladder Cancer)


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The UBC ELISA is a quantitative in vitro diagnostic assay for aid in diagnosis, for prognosis and follow up of urinary bladder cancer patients. It measures soluble fragments of cytokeratin 8 and 18 in human urine samples.

Cytokeratins (CK) are intracellular proteins expressed in most epithelial cells. The cytokeratin pattern is usually preserved during transformation of normal cells into malignant cells. CK8 and CK18 are among the most abundant cytokeratins in simple epithelial cells. Soluble fragments of CK8 and CK18 are released into urine due to apoptosis or necrosis. The quantity of CK fragments in urine is correlated to cell growth and death. An elevated level of soluble cytokeratin fragments in patient urine samples is an indication of epithelial tumor cell activity. UBC ELISA uses specific monoclonal antibodies that bind to defined epitopes on soluble fragments of CK8 and CK18 in patient urine samples. The values generated with UBC ELISA shall be interpreted in conjunction with all available clinical information and diagnostic data for the patient.

UBC ELISA is a one step enzyme linked sandwich immunoassay. During incubation standards, controls and samples react simultaneously with solid phase monoclonal catcher
antibodies and HRP-conjugated detector monoclonal antibodies. After incubation the plate is washed and TMB substrate is added. The reaction is stopped by addition of Stop Solution and absorbance is measured at 450nm. The developed color is directly proportional to the concentration of bound cytokeratin fragments.