DRG at AACC: Favorite Country to Visit

Jan 5, 2017Events

DRG’s staff is diverse and the company maintains a global presence requiring its staff to speak multiple languages as well as travel the world visiting DRG’s many offices and events. We sat down with the top executives and staff of DRG at the 2016 AACC Annual Meeting and asked them what their favorite countries are to visit for business and leisure.


Michael Martini (full profile)
Hands down it would be Italy. Italy is my favorite country in the world. It’s where my father’s from, so it’s my heritage. I enjoy it very much. From a work point of view, I like visiting Germany. I get to go there about once a year to our corporate meetings. Our staff really is great. The people are fantastic. I enjoy their company and I enjoy the landscape. I have to get to Poland, since our Polish subsidiary is sitting here. I need to get to Warsaw.

Dr. Witold Jurkiewicz (full profile)
This is two questions to answer. For pleasure … Of course, I am from Europe; so, to be honest, I like Italy, because of sun, because of food. From business point of view, like many people from Europe, I like come to US. I have occasion to visit each year different city, different place, and this is very interesting for me.

Simon Middleton
For pleasure, I’m biased, Italy. My mother’s Italian. My house is in Italy. For business, that’s difficult, because I have traveled to more than 70 countries now. Again, diversity. They all offer something different. Some places I’d rather not go to, but generally anywhere. Anywhere new is good.

Dr. Oleg Vishnevski
I’ve been told this all my life, “Don’t mix business and pleasure” in the first place. To visit in business it would be Germany, and to have a pleasure, it’s the Caribbean. I dream to open the office someplace in Aruba.

Wilhelm Saenger (full profile)
Of course, the United States, it’s always a big pleasure to be here, but I like also these Asian countries. In March I was in Singapore. Singapore, it’s a combination. It’s a wonderful combination between … It’s a typical Asian country, but there’s an influence of the Western countries, from England. There’s excellent food. There’s very friendly people. There are good business. That is one of my favorites. And, of course, they have wonderful golf courses, where you can play excellent golf.

Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov (full profile)
People expect that you will say, of course, “France,” because I was born there, and I enjoy it, and I like it; but, frankly, I like to visit almost any country. The ones that I like, if I can say, best of all, for example, it’s Paris, it’s London, it’s Munich. It’s Hamburg, because my wife is from Hamburg. It’s Berlin, it’s Vienna, it’s Budapest, it’s Prague, it’s Hong Kong, it’s Shanghai, it’s Singapore. So, what is my favorite country? I don’t have a favorite country. I like to go to many different places, because they’re all very interesting. Otherwise, I wouldn’t go there.


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